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Nicole and Gavin – Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding

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AFT_3028 - Version 2

Mother and Child Portrait – Hazel

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Portrait season starting up


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This is what we’ve been up to around here.AFT_1327 (1)AFT_7656AFT_7479

Marco’s haircut

Can’t wait for the warmth…AFT_5687


Whispering Pines Fall Wedding, The Friends- Kayla and Brendan got married!

I can’t say enough good things about Kayla and Brendan.  They are an amazing couple who come from two of the nicest families around.   I am so happy to know them all.

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Grant Family

A sneak peek for one of my favorite couples.  They just had two of the cutest babies I have ever seen! 

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The Rossos- A Sneak Peek of a Very Sweet Family


Meagan and Jordan Beach Engagement Shoot

Met up with Meagan and Jordan on a chilly October evening.  These two are so genuinely crazy about each other that it shows in every minute they are together.

I am looking forward to their July wedding next summer.

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