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Month: November, 2013

The Rossos- A Sneak Peek of a Very Sweet Family



Meagan and Jordan Beach Engagement Shoot

Met up with Meagan and Jordan on a chilly October evening.  These two are so genuinely crazy about each other that it shows in every minute they are together.

I am looking forward to their July wedding next summer.

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Saint Clements Castle Connecticut Wedding- Shelley and Rich

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Madison Beach Hotel Wedding- Penny and Rob are married!

I am sorry that I have been neglecting writing about all of these wonderful people who I have had pleasure of working with this past season.  I have been falling so behind that I am just trying to catch up.     Penny and Rob had a gorgeous day and the vibe was just warmth and appreciation.  They were so happy that they were shining the whole day.  I am so happy for them.  Congrats!AFT_2597 (1)Ribbet collage 3Ribbet collage 2Ribbet collage 4AFT_5842 1AFT_5861 1AFT_6271 1Ribbet collage 1AFT_6612 1AFT_6597 1AFT_2714 1AFT_6532 1AFT_6449 1Ribbet collage 9Ribbet collage 6AFT_2890 1AFT_2862 1Ribbet collage 8AFT_2995 1AFT_2959 1AFT_6551 1

New Baby and Five Generations


I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful young family recently.  What made it extra special was that this little addition made the women five generations strong.  It was a great day!AFT_8255

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Napa Tree Beach Family Photos- The Eisenbeis Family

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