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Month: November, 2010

Holden at 6 months

This here is little Holden who you might remember from around 6 months back when he was just a wee newborn.  He is growing beautifully.  Why is that all the boys get those amazing eyelashes?

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Brinton Family Portrait

Jen Brinton is a friend of mine as well as the amazing event planner of Grace Event Design.  When she asked me to do some portraits of her family I had no idea how cool her kids were.  I kept smiling as I was editing the photos because of the energy and ideas of these children.  Shy they are not!

Liz and Jon

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I know for a fact that Shaq does not usually make a guest appearance at most weddings.  Not only did he show up at Liz and Jon’s Newport wedding but he also became part of the family!  It was a party to remember.

Laney and Ryan in Saybrook

So, it rained.  Who cares when there are new tattoos, CAKE, and two people really in love.