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Month: January, 2010

Birthday Party

Party until your teeth fall out. Turning six is great.


Rachel and John

I feel like Rachel, John and I have been at this for a while.  Such a great couple, so much in love!  We have done some fun engagement portraits on a beautiful day way back in the summer, some portraits of Rachel and then the monsoon wedding of the season.  Their day at Oceancliff was somehow made more fun by torrential rains and hurricane winds.  They kept cozy together and were game for anything.

Erika and Seth

It’s always fun doing a wedding back in my  hometown of New York.  Erika and Seth had one of the only days this season that it didn’t rain so it was glorious to see the sun!  They both had big, fun families and everyone was full of so much energy.  They were a pleasure to photograph and spend the day with.

Devan and Eric

What a great sense of humor both Devon and Eric have.  The whole day was a blast!  These guys laughed and danced and everyone had fun roasting each other.  We wish you guys love and laughter for the rest of your days.

Christine and Howard

From the minute I met with Christine and Howard I felt such great warmth and chemistry.  They were the first couple I met with in my messy, under construction house due to the circumstances.  They were such great sports as they stepped over some dirty laundry to get to the bathroom.  After a glass of wine Howard, who is a fashion photographer, asked if he could see some of my artwork as opposed to weddings.  Now, there is a huge difference there so I was a little reluctant but I did.  He said “OK, that’s what I want you to do at our wedding.”  Such great trust and liberty.  They met my husband and my children on the way out and we all decided that we should be friends.  I hope that comes to pass because they are just great.  I hope the pictures are at least a little “non-weddingy”  enough.  

Laura and Nate

Laura and Nate got married in Watch Hill this past season on a wet and windy weekend.  The weather did not keep their friends and family from traveling from all over the world to join this fun loving, wonderful couple.  

Karen and Steve

Karen and Steve’s wedding was set in a beautiful country inn in Woodstock, CT.  These guys kept it intimate  and emotional.  I think everyone had a turn crying as well as a turn dancing with the groom!  We were happy to be a part of it.

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.  Here are some contenders for our card this year.  It’s January 6th and we still haven’t gotten them out.  Maybe Valentine’s Day…..Marco

A Lucian original